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My latest piece for The Style Con, in which I *satirically* expound upon the “virtues” of dating fashion girls and the absurdity of “reasons to date [romantically marginalized breed of humans]” lists- via my own top ten- poking fun at myself and every fashion fiend I know, with shout-outs to almond milk, Williamsburg photo assistants, and well liquor. My favorites?

“8. Your tech start-up will gain serious traction when you’re hobnobbing, er- standing around awkwardly with socialites and It-girl DJs- at BFA-documented events- the question on everyone’s lips will undoubtedly be: “Who’s that James Dean imitator with the mustard on his mustache holding hands with the day-glo Yohji raver?” Trust fund baby investors will flock.

9. You can be the 24/7/365 star of those Y2K-era makeover reality shows, because every day is an opportunity for upgrading your style quotient when your lady friend must compare you to- gulp- stubbly Williamsburg photo assistants who play bass in a noise band and make their own artisanal moonshine.”

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Photo by George Harvey for GARAGE.