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why not… plaster your face in papier mache?

DIRECTIONS: -Wrap head in plastic wrap. RECOMMENDED: Industrial-sized Cling Classic. -Adapt to lifestyle sans air. -Ask a discriminating preschooler to papier mache your skull. Bribe with gummy candy that you will no longer physically be capable of consuming. BONUS: Is child enrolled in Chelsea-based art daycare and/or descended from esteemed art collector/dealer? Ask for personal fingerprint indentations for investment purposes. -Let dry. -Frustrated, preferably on a gallery night Thursday, dig into papier mache just over...

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watch list, essay // may 24th, on subversion and deconstruction

The concept of subversion is well-known amongst purveyors of the avant-garde; Martin Margiela, Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcons, Junya Watanabe, the late Alexander McQueen, and Ann Demeulemeester have developed cults of nearly-religious fanatics based on their mastership of the principle alone. (Of which I admit I am guilty as charged.) And as we are all eBay-watching disciples in their loving care, we’re honing in on the most literally subversive creations of a few crowning...

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