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a freelance recap

Fresh off my informal writing sabbatical in which I 1) quit my day job and 2) reformulated my life, I present an informal relaunch, plus recap on the self-effacing, cynical fashion criticism we left off on, because I missed initial contribution to both #normcore and that Kimye Vogue cover, and I’ve really genuinely pined after that unique self-employed opportunity to brush Uncle Eddy’s vegan cookie crumbs off my keyboard while sifting through eBay “research.” So without further ado,...

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a meditation on the psychology of personal fragrance

It was a supermodel-themed Vogue that first opened my eyes to the concept of a woman wearing men’s cologne. Karolina Kurkova, listing her ten “essentials,” named a fragrance with the suffix, “by Dior Homme” next to her skinny jeans and a four knuckle-spanning wing-shaped diamond-emblazoned ring. It was so foreign, so unexpected, and inevitably, brutally cool. What kind of woman wore a fragrance constructed for a man? I imagined an adventurous, louche woman, the kind...

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