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on nickel + allergies + the unfortunate combination of the two

What happens when you develop a physical intolerance to your wardrobe? On bondage gear fate and hopeless metal sensitivities, a taste of my latest piece, “Allergic to Fashion,” on the Style Con: “It appeared that my nickel allergy was (quite literally) itching to thwart my accessory style, namely my bondage gear, cc: harness collection, and hence, debilitating my layering game. But what does a fiend do in such an, okay, less literal bind when it...

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the taming of the booty short

In the Great New York Heatwave of 2013, it seems an impossible task to avoid that most prevalent item of token “mercury rising” gear, the booty short. Sweat drips down our foreheads and backs and, inexplicably, the only way to avoid extensive stress during such moments is caving in and succumbing to the dreaded last resort: a pair of moderate to full-coverage underwear disguised under a moniker shared by wholesome campers’ khakis and hundred dollar...

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