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revisiting // junya watanabe ss ’04

Summer 2014 wardrobe oasis has been sourced- or perhaps more aptly, spotted- via time machine set to ten years past, and it’s a veritable treasure trove of dots, biker shorts, and boob seams that feel appropriately and unabashedly¬†so right, right now¬†that I could write a trite, borderline senior thesis on the forward thinking of the Japanese guard. I will abstain, and in lieu, I’m listening to that “new” Michael Jackson track (“Love Never Felt So...

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leo rising

Let me preface this with the admittance that I know nothing of the zodiac, nor of the actual definition/relevance of the term “Leo rising,” which carries about as much significance to my astrological novice self as that of my moon sign, which might as well be “moons over my hammy” as far as me and my desert/Denny’s roots are concerned. But for someone who’s not so keen on astrology and scratches her head at fellow...

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