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Summer 2014 wardrobe oasis has been sourced- or perhaps more aptly, spotted- via time machine set to ten years past, and it’s a veritable treasure trove of dots, biker shorts, and boob seams that feel appropriately and unabashedly so right, right now that I could write a trite, borderline senior thesis on the forward thinking of the Japanese guard. I will abstain, and in lieu, I’m listening to that “new” Michael Jackson track (“Love Never Felt So Good”) to represent the past supplanting the present or some shit, and providing a snippet of substantive reasoning for why, precisely, Junya Watanabe’s spring/summer 2004 collection should be mine and yours and everyone we know’s summer hit.

An explanation of the look, adapted Mars Attacks hair-dos aside: the collection’s all about sports bras, sheer, languid blouses, curve-hugging below-the-knee skirts, torso cut-outs, sneakers, and thigh spandex. If it had to have a name, or even a reference (if Comme brands can ever), it would be “TLC time travels to Edwardian era on mystery planet in Galaxy X, from whence they bike back to present but are momentarily imprisoned in Yayoi Kusama’s mind, ie universal customs, before returning to their ’90s present.”

This is real, and as my own closet bears three minor pieces from said collection (all tops, all of said boob seam variety), I hereby pledge to 1) find a solid pair of matte black cycling shorts, 2) refuse to remove any sports related undergarments for the entirety of the summer months, and 3) live and die in my Ann Demeulemeester Beethoven jacket, regardless of invisible flames emanating from 100 degree asphalt. Absurd? Yes. Current? Yes, but in actuality no.

Ugh Junya, you get me.

Photo collage by me. For runway images, view at Style.com