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Are you currently residing in the People’s Republic of China? Do you subscribe to Self China?┬áDo you read Vogue.com, or better yet, look at its conglomeration of Phil Oh-lensed street style photographs circa the proper noun that is Paris Fashion Week?

If you answered yes to either question, congratulations, you can skip reading this as I direct you to something more worth your time, like NPR, or perhaps the Yohji Yamamoto section of Yahoo Japan. If you answered no, then gauge your gag meter, because it’s self promotion time and, whoa, I have no shame.

First, let’s discuss the aforementioned France-based fashion week, where Streetpeeper caught me in full Elena Dawson-Paul Harnden regalia, in a look I like to call “shipwrecked peasant, off to the voting polls with chimney sweep beau,” a look also captured by Adam Katz Sinding of Le 21eme, YoungJun Koo of I’m Koo, and Ryosuke Sato of As Usual while leaving the Rick Owens show. Our synchronized couple style was also “en pointe” for a Barney’s trend round-up, as we were featured in a marketing email, if mis-credited- cuz those are derbies, not boots, my market editor- and wearing labels Barney’s has no affiliation with, but weird, you know, 21st century shit.

Second, I was photographed by the talented Mr. Sinding for Self China’s “Fashion Guru” feature, an honor and a pleasure, plus interview! So far I can discern “Comme des Garcons” somewhere in there but otherwise I babble about a singular fashion perspective and my favorite Chinese models- look out for a probable mention about my hearty appetite/sweet tooth considering said interview was conducted mid-Smile To Go cookie devouring. Maybe I should leave the chocolate at home for my next magazine spread?


Photo [1] by Phil Oh for Vogue.com, [2-4] Adam Katz Sinding for Self China, [5] Adam Katz Sinding for Le 21eme, [6] YoungJun Koo for Barney’s New York, [7] Ryosuke Sato for As Usual. Wearing Paul Harnden jacket and porkpie hat, Elena Dawson tulle dress, Comme des Garcons Homme Plus derbies, Celine Trapeze purse in 1, 5-7. Wearing Celine coat and purse, Chanel pants and socks, Miu Miu sunglasses, and Comme des Garcons Homme Plus derbies/Comme des Garcons jacket, skirt, belt and shoes, Yohji Yamamoto shirt, and Celine Trapeze purse in 3. Wearing Celine leather dress, Comme des Garcons skirt, and Ann Demeulemeester wedges in 4.