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This week’s Style Con export: 500 words on the Emmanuelle Alt syndrome, re: Isabel Marant pour H&M; in which I crack jokes on sneaker wedges and Coca Light’s nutrition facts, and title it “On ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’ and Louche-Baggery,” because c’mon, it was too easy. Superfluous excerpt, below, and please note the absence of the term “chic.” (You’re welcome.)

“Do I blame Alt, or Marant, or even Christophe Decarnin? No, no, it’s not their fault the public loves a lazy glamour. Is it Yeezus, the God of us all, and his goddess Kim, whom he dresses like a bootyful incarnation of “le cool Parisienne”- if a vulgar one- and as such lands in each and every American towns’ checkout lines, regardless of populations reading like a Coca Light’s nutrition facts? And finally, can I flash back to that grand master of louche-baggery, Serge Gainsbourg, the king of fashionable carelessness? Sure, they represent the yin to the avant-garde’s yang, wherein artistry and meaning are embedded within a piece’s very fibers, but, although the visual “so what, who cares” vibe might not jive with my own fashion perspective, is that contrast really such a shiver-inducing narrative?”

Read the full article here.