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super normal super liars

In the past two days, a popular fashion monthly’s September issue has successfully ensnared editors, Instagrammers, and casual fashion consumers alike, garnering praise that seemingly signifies an iconic photographic industry moment, as ripe online fangirling proves. The content at hand: Our generation’s answer to Vogue‘s grunge editorial circa Marc Jacobs at Perry Ellis? A modern iteration of any Linda, Christy, Naomi moment of the late ’80s? A 21st century rival to Corinne Day, Kate Moss,...

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on fashion zombies and happy pills // a diatribe

Because I wrote a piece for online start-up The Style Con, wherein I discuss the demonization of critique, the bastardization of reviews, and egotistical oversensitivity- with a nod to the Macarena- and if you don’t read it then I expect a full pumpkin pie (with ice cream) in conjunction with your sincerest apologies. [1] Backstage at Thom Browne, S/S 2014.

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