It was Milan Fashion Week, S/S 2008 when I was formally introduced to the fashion world as a backstage, on-set model guardian for my sister, a young Ali Stephens. My fashion fixation suddenly jumped from obsession to lifestyle. A loner in the conservative bubble of Salt Lake City, Utah, my closest extra-familial relationship was with my computer, and online I found a haven of like-minded souls, where I could share my passion with fashion-philes the world over. But as the digital age pressed forward, and e-commerce and the
blogosphere boomed, inversely, sincerity and integrity diminished. No online voice harmonized with my own; I was evolving fast into a jaded anti-fashion fiend. Favoring intellectually challenging Japanese fare, in my wardrobe and in my search engines, choosing Belgium’s Ann over downtown’s Alex, and deconstruction over decollete, I desperately searched for an ally, a [web-savvy] force with whom I could align myself, a blogger who spoke my language and jived with my Junya. Hence, I created my own site as an outlet
through which to reveal the garment as an extension of self, transcending above seasonal trends and fast fashion, subverting cultural norms, investigating issues, exploring craftsmanship, and stimulating the eye. Here, we’ll celebrate the conceptual, the minimal, and the avant-garde, pledging to retain designers’ visions and the integrity of their garments, expounding upon them with respect and a loving dose of tongue-in-cheek humor to their aesthetics and missions.